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Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Need a skills assessment for your profession? Do you want to make sure it’s completed quickly and hassle free? Here are Global Communities TOP TIPS to reduce assessment delays:

1. Read through the whole application form and all instructions from the assessing authority carefully before you start

2. Make sure you submit all the required documents exactly as the assessing authority requires.

3. Only submit documents which are clear and legible.

4. Follow the assessing authorities’ instructions carefully.

5. Read through your entire application carefully before you submit it to ensure you haven’t left anything out or made any mistakes.

Sounds simple, but incorrectly submitted documents and incomplete applications are the most common cause for delays in processing skills assessments.

Global Community Managing Migration Agent, Angela, has over ten years experience as a senior assessing officer at one of Australia’s major professional assessing authorities. With this experience she is able to provide first hand knowledge of preparing a skills assessment application.

If you require a skills assessment, or are interested in making and application for a visa type which would require a skills assessment, contact Angela at, or via the online form to arrange a consultation.

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