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Priority Processing for in Demand Occupations - Get to the front of the line in 2020

Critical sectors likely to be given priority in the new financial year.

Those sectors which are seen to be critical to the pandemic response and recovery, such as medical and nursing, infrastructure, and trades are likely to be to be prioritised for visa processing in the 2020-2021 financial year.

Priority processing may be applied particularly to onshore visa applicants nominating occupations in these sectors.

The skilled visa program is a points-based program which temporary and permanent visa options which may be applied for onshore or offshore.

Skills assessments are required for most occupations. Global Community’s Senior Migration Agent has over ten years’ experience assisting overseas qualified professionals with skills assessments for migration purposes.

For further information and advice or to book a free no obligation consultation, contact Global Community at or submit an enquiry form via our website.

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