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Healthcare, Aged Care, Social Workers, and Educators: Australia has a job for you

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

According to jobs in the health and aged care, education and training, and community services and development sectors are showing a rapid growth in vacancies advertised on its job search website.

General Practitioners recorded over 2500 jobs advertised, with aged care nurses coming in at just under 4000 jobs advertised.

Growth in the healthcare and aged care sector is experiencing a particularly high growth rate of vacancies. This is thought, in part, to be attributed to the growing population of older Australians requiring healthcare or medical assistance. 15% of the Australian population is now 65 or over, and of those people more than 49% are requiring some form of healthcare or medical assistance.

In the education and community services and development sectors there are around 3000 job vacancies advertised for Early childhood educators as well as for special need teachers. Social workers also in high demand with over 2300 vacancies available.

Many of the professions relating to these sectors currently appear on the Medium to Long Term Strategic Skilled list. This means that overseas trained professionals in these areas may have a good opportunity to find work in their profession through the General Skilled Migration program, or the newly introduced Regional Migration Programs.

If you are interested in making an application for a General Skilled or Regional visa send an enquiry via the Global Community website enquiry form or email us at

MLTSSL occupations listed in this article.

General Practitioner: ANZSCO 253111

Registered Aged Care Nurse: ANZSCO 254412

Early Childhood Teacher (pre-primary school) : ANZSCO 241111

Special Needs Teacher: 241511

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